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What to ask before “what’s your price”?
“No price is a good price if you are not satisfied with the results”

Are you available?
We are in demand; this should be your first question

Do you have references?
References are the DJ’s resume, you are potentially hiring this DJ, if you were hiring an employee you would want a resume, why is hiring anyone else for anything else any different?

What we need to know to give you an accurate quote – If your request is for a wedding, we need to know the ceremony start time, whether we are involved with it or not.

  • Date

  • Ceremony Time (for wedding requests only)

  • Ceremony Location

  • Event type

  • Reception/event Start Time

  • Specific Location – Be as specific as possible, there may be special considerations for your location

  • Approximate duration

But we’re just looking for a ballpark figure…

You really do get what you pay for. The price range for DJ’s is very wide ($400-$2000+)

What your really looking for is whether or not we fit in your budget. For a formal event, your entertainment budget should be between 3-10 percent of the total cost of the event.

The average entertainment cost for today's weddings is $947.00.  If you are not budgeting about $1000 for your wedding or formal event entertainment, you may want to consider an off peak date. Demand is often a driving force behind our pricing.

Choosing any Friday, or Sunday will sometimes save you as much as $200 over any Saturday. November through April are slower than May through October, so if you are really cost conscious, these months can offer you an opportunity for even more savings.

For less formal events the entertainment is one of the most expensive parts of the party, sometimes more than the food. However, since smaller parties often require less planning, The entertainment cost can be as much as 50% lower than a more structured formal event.

What are more important are their references.....

When you get the list of references, look for the most recent ones. You will want to ask them these questions

  • 1st ask them details about their event – date, location, husband/wife’s name etc.

  • Why did you hire this DJ?

  • Did the DJ do everything you asked/ expected?

  • Did the DJ do anything you didn’t want or expect?

  • How were your music choices/ requests handled?

  • How was the sound?

  • Were the announcements clear?

  • Was the DJ’s area neat? Did it blend in with the setting?

  • If you could do it over, is there anything you would change?

  • What was one thing your DJ did that went above and beyond your expectations?

Here are some of our Most Frequently Asked Questions, along with our answers. Click below to check our availability for your event. Thank you for your interest in our services, we look forward to hearing from you!

Sincerely,  Michael J. Mahoney

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