Alternatives to Clinking Glasses to get the bride & Groom to kiss

When the clinking of glasses at weddings becomes too much, here are some fun ways we can change things up

The Love Game
In order for the bride & groom to kiss, everyone sitting at a table must stand up & sing a line or verse of a song with the word love in it.

Guests would stand & recite a clean joke to be enjoyed by all

Guests would be required to make a donation to the bride & grooms charity of choice

Improvisation Game
Tie a balloon to each chair, or have a few balloons on each table, each with a message inside. In order for the bride & groom to kiss, a balloon must be broken, & the instructions in the message must be followed. for example, the message might say “tell a joke” or tell us a memory you have of either the bride or groom from childhood, etc.

Write all the names of all the couples attending on slips of paper. Then, either put them in a bowl at the head table, or put them in balloons located at each individual table. When the guests clink, either a balloon is popped, or a slip of paper drawn from the head table (depending on the version you have chosen) the couple named on the slip of paper must kiss.

Bride & Groom Trivia:
The bride & groom write 20-30 questions & answers on slips of paper & hand them to the emcee. When the guests clink, the emcee reads one of the questions. This is a great one from a control perspective, because when the emcee initially announces the game, the audience is told that immediate family are prohibited from answering the questions. Once the bride & groom have had a chance to sit down & relax, & enjoy there meal, the emcee can announce” while the immediate family is prohibited from answering the questions, I never said they couldn’t clink the glasses. Then the activity really heats up. Because the bride & groom are together visiting with their friends & family so they are less likely to be disturbed & more likely to be flattered at that point.

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