A lot goes into planning a corporate event! You need to find the right venue, figure out the room set up and furniture rental needs, catering, and of course the schedule of activities. Juggling all the logistics that go into a company banquet, marketing activity, or product launch is a time-consuming project. It’s also a project that usually falls on the shoulders of an already very busy staff member.

The sound at an event will play a key role in the overall participant experience. Whether it’s background or dance music, or announcements and presentations that need amplification through microphones –  sound is a powerful force. You definitely want the right professional helping you. An important business event is no place for amateurs!

Did you know that a professional DJ can make your job so much easier?!

A professional DJ knows how to read a room and manage a crowd. When you know your DJ is paying attention, you can go about your other critical tasks. A professional DJ will keep track of the schedule, special activities planned for the event, and pay attention to the crowd. Their job is to keep people engaged and entertained – so you don’t have to!

Bringing a professional DJ on board to handle the music and sound at your event can really elevate your guest experience to the next level. DJs offer services far beyond playing music as well. A pro can offer many added benefits you may not realize, including interactive activities and ambiance elements.

A DJ sets just the right mood and tone for your event.

If your event is a celebration party, then the music will be lively, and keep people entertained. If it’s presentations and talking you want people to be able to pay attention to, then a DJ knows to keep it to ambient background music and have microphones that are working properly.

Because they do this as a business, their library is complete with all genres of music. They will also bring along all types of other sound effects and sound equipment. Don’t leave the entertainment and sound to cheap rental equipment and someone’s iPod with limited songs. A pro will have the ability to switch things up on the fly to match the mood of your crowd. You have a specific experience you want to achieve for your guests, and a professional DJ can accomplish that for you.

DJs have quality audio-visual equipment that is guaranteed to work!

Anyone who has worked on events knows that one of the biggest stressors is getting sound equipment set up and working properly. The last thing you want to be doing is hunting around for the right cables and adapters, or trouble-shooting technical difficulties during an important business event! When you hire a pro, you can rest assured that they will come with all the appropriate sound equipment. They will have professional grade microphones and speakers, as well as a complete music collection. Your DJ can also help you out with any presentations such as videos, slideshows or other digital displays.

A DJ is your partner in keeping your event on schedule and your crowd engaged.

Any professional DJ is a pro at sticking to an event schedule. When you need people to move from one activity to another, listen up, liven up, or wind down, you can lean on your DJ to make this happen. Pros at emceeing, let your DJ make your announcements and assist with speakers and presentations. This will allow you to be mingling with the crowd and speaking with your guests.

Leave your customers talking about what a great event you hosted.

Some general background music and free handouts make your Open House or Customer Appreciation event just like everyone else’s. Add a professional DJ who knows what they are doing, and your event can go to a WOW that will leave them talking! A pro knows how to get people’s attention, which will get them engaged with your business and keep them at your event longer. When people participate in activities, it raises the energy level at your event. Ensure your event leaves an impression that you care enough to provide some real entertainment.

Reinforce team building and staff training with the help of special activities your DJ can provide.

DJs can design and deliver great opportunities to reinforce any new learning, and build on the interpersonal connections made after conducting in-house training programs or staff retreats. Activities such as trivia can be customized with questions to strengthen new information that has been learned during a training program or presentation of new products. You can keep the communication and creative ideas going with your staff following a retreat with a belly-laughing karaoke sing along contest. There are lots of great ideas your DJ can work with you to develop that will enhance your staff activities.

Showcase your business branding at your next event with monograms and special effects!

Professional DJ services include features beyond the music these days! Special lighting effects such as monograms and uplighting can showcase your business logo and company colors. Eye-catching elements incorporated into your event will really make it stand out. A large banquet hall can be made to feel cozy and intimate with the right lighting. No one will miss your booth at the tradeshow when your logo is projected on the wall.

A good DJ elevates your overall event.

When you involve a professional DJ at your next corporate occasion, you can get creative and really host something special. Your humdrum annual banquet can be transformed into a themed dance party. A boring training session can become a Jeopardy game they will never forget. Your client appreciation event can go from an afternoon of awkward pleasantries to a welcoming, entertaining experience.

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