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Your definitive guide to the M&M Entertainment Website

This is essentially a site map. Feel free to check out the other event resources and insights available right here from M&M Entertainment!

The Basics

M&M Entertainment Is our Maine page, giving you a broad overview of Who We are and what we do. About Mike Mahoney  will tell you all about me and my story from my first on air radio experience, through today. If it’s information on our performance and what to expect when you hire M&M Entertainment,  Just the faq’s  will fill you in with the basics. Of course, you are always welcome to email me at mike@wickedgooddj.com or call/text at 207.450.4960

If the FAQ’s you seek are in relation to price, or how much to budget for our services, our pricing page will help you determine what service, budget, and rates fit your event needs best

We bring the fun to parties throughout Maine and New England, and we’d love to be a part of your next event!

M&M Entertainment Specializes in

Maine and New England Weddings!

If you are getting married in Maine or anywhere in New England, check out our Weddings page for great information and resources, including alternatives to dinner time glass clinking

Kids events – Everything For the under 21 set

Whether it’s high energy school dances and Prom for the teens, or you need something exciting and fun for your littlest family members with our bubble-parties we can keep every member of the family happy with an event designed just for them.

Something Corporate

Of course someone in the family has to go to work somewhere, and we’d love to be a part of your next Company party or event.

No matter what you are planning, except maybe a school dance or prom, karaoke is The ultimate party add on. We’ve been hosting Karaoke for nearly 20 years, and have an incredible song library to choose from


While I am constantly hard at work updating our music libraries, this will give you a great sense of what what we have in stock. Of course now almost anything is accessible with internet access, but it does provide some comfort in knowing we are familiar with the song and where it might fit in your party. You can always check out our Hot 100 Dance Hits to see the music that makes people dance when we are at an event.

The hits of the  80’s and 90’s are really hot right now, but whether you are into classic, modern, alternative, or hair band 80’s  Rock, we’ve got you covered. If 70’s Disco is your thing, we’ll tear it up with the best beats from the disco Era, from Abba & the Bee Gees to Tavares & The Sylvers, we’ve got the boogie fever you need!

Oldies are a wider group of music than ever. 1997 was 21 years ago, so the 90’d are close to being called oldies, but when a couple has a 50th anniversary and they are looking for oldies, there is no questions we know what they mean, and We’ve got em at their sock hop & poodle skirt best!

But do you have any Country music? Yes! Country music is topping the charts and request lists right now, and keeping the dance floors full. I promise, you will love our selection of Country music!

When it’s time to slow it down, grab your date and hit the floor to our fine selection of  Ballads guaranteed to bring you closer together.

Todays Christian music is showing up everywhere, and we have it, whether it’s a father daughter dance like Cinderella, or something with a little kick, we’ve got what you need to keep your spirits high while you’re geting down!


The last set of links are purely educational, and an homage to the club who introduced me to the concept of peer to peer trainig to improve your speaking presentation skills. Blueberry Hill Toastmasters is a fan page dedicated to my forever home Toastmasters club with links to the club’s official website. I highly recommend a visit to this page if you have any interest in Toastmasters, in public speaking whatsoever.

Why Toastmasters? They’ve been instrumental in my education on public speaking. If you are looking to bone up on your public speaking skills for a speech or presentation of any kind, you will find all the help you need right here.

Toastmasters International is worldwide organization, with many avenues to help you and locations to check out. Here are some Blueberry Hill Toastmasters links to help you find the right spot for you.

If you know about toastmasters, and have specific questions about Toastmasters and Blueberry Hill in particular, you can learn bout Blueberry Hill Toastmasters meetings If you are in the Portland area, stop by any time. Here is a Map of the area where Blueberry Hill Toastmasters is located, including directions to help you find your way to the meeting should you choose to stop in.  Please tell them I sent you!

~Mike Mahoney – M&M Entertainment 500 Southborough Dr. South Portland ME 04106